Saturday, May 27, 2017

New Blog? and News

Hey guys it has been a while since I have posted, sorry about that. School is a handful. So I am just going to tell you what life is doing. So lets start!

I have been doing a lot more art lately and am very happy. (I never knew I could draw so well (not really)

I was also in a play, Peter Pan, at my school. I am very excited because I got a lead role this year! I was Brave Shrub of the Indian tribe.

I am also  ( I am saying also a lot sorry if it bugs you I cannot think of anything else to say) sorta starting a new chapter in my life; I am hanging out with new people. I am trying to organize my priorities a bit more. I want to do more art and writing.
On the same note; As you probably have noticed this blog is not only about american girl dolls. I want this to be random so I am going to be changing it up. I have come up with a new title and theme. I want a less complicated address and more fitting title. So now I will reveal the title.



Since I am already changing my sub-domain I decided to just change everything while i'm at it. So, I am also going to change my domain too! Although I love blogger and it is nice to have it linked to my email switching is going to be so much better. I am going to Word Press. There are so many new things I can do with it. It is going to help me so much and I'm so excited. So now I will reveal the new title and address!... The new title and address is... (drum roll please)

Beautifully Blemished!

Yes, Beautifully Blemished. I love this oxymoron I created! I have already put my first post up on my new blog so go check that out! Here is the link to my new blog!

I think that just about covers it! Thank you all for you support! This transition is going to help our family grow and thrive! I hope to see you all over on my new blog! And once again this is not the end just a relocation. I promise it will be bigger and better on Word Press. I have already had so much fun creating the new blog and cannot wait for you all to see it! Thank you all one last time!

And as always, with love, Paige!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Sunshine Blogger Tag

Hey Guys! I know, I know, its been a while since I posted. I'm sorry, I actually have been working on my blog though! I have been working on a big, exciting change that will change this blog for better. I have wanted this change for a very long time and I'm so happy its finally happening. I cannot wait to tell/show you guys what I have been working on but that is for another day. Because today we are talking all about the Sunshine Blogger Tag! So lets get into the Tag!

The Sunshine Blogger Tag

I have been nominated by Loren from Let's be lost, to do this tag. * Checks hair for ponytail* Yep I've been nominated!
Image Via Pintrist

Okay lets get into the questions.

Question 1: Have you ever eaten food from a trashcan?
Umm... No? I don't recall any particular time... I don't think...
Moving On!

Question 2:  Last text message you received? 
The last one I received was from my mom and it says" So proud of you Paige. Let Jesus shine through you!!" She said this because I am running for ASB Secretary and she was proud of me for having courage to run. And I had sent her a picture of my bag of campaign clips almost empty before school started! If you go to my school VOTE FOR ME FOR SECRETARY!!! 
Question 3: What is your favorite punctuation mark?
EXCLAMATION POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question 4: What do you think of your last yearbook picture?
Um. This years what pretty good except I flat ironed my hair so it was all straight but, I had a piece of hair in the back wave out a bit so it looked a bit like I had an Afro... After seeing it enlarged on the bought pictures it looked better because you could see the space in between the flat hair and the one section waved out.

Question 5: What is the dumbest dare you've ever taken?
Once I got a dare to get up from the table and go start a conversation with a kid at a nearby table. It was not that hard.

Question 6: Do you have a nickname?
Well, Paige cannot really get much shorter. However I have three with stories. 1) Monkey-my parents have called me this since I was little, I'm not sure why. 2)Pagie- this was given to my by my friend Hannah. She was writing my name on my paper when I was absent and spelled my name wrong so ever since she has just called me it. 3) Paigealya- This one is very unique. My friend Bethany gave this to me. We were in English and our teacher told us to write our full names on our writing portfolio. So I was writing my name and Bethany yells to the class "oh, Paige you have to write your full name!" and I was like "what, Paige is my full name." And she said " no, your real name- Paigealya!" and I was like " huh that's not my name-Paige is my real name!" And by then the entire class was either laughing or saying " are you serious," or "really?" So ever since she's called me Paigealya and I've called her Bethalya.

Question 7: Who is your favorite Greek god/goddess?
Aphrodite or Athena

Question 8: Whats your Hogwarts house?
I did not know what this was until this so I googled it and took the test and apparently I'm Hufflepuff?!

Question 9: Have you ever fainted?
YES! I faint a lot. The last time I fainted was in science a couple months ago. We were talking about cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anemia. And I got hot and everything spun and overwhelmed, then everything from the corners faded to a blackout. I put my head down on the table in case I  did but then I sat up to take of my bracelet...Of course then I passed out. When I woke up it felt like I was waking up from sleeping except I was on the floor in a classroom and I opened my eyes to my teacher and two students who stayed to help me. I sat up and was really surprised I had really passed out and really overwhelmed with all the questions. i went to the office and went home for the day. I had wounds from the carpet on my face. So yeah...Fun!

Question 10: Is there anything in your pocket? 
No... I wish I could say something cool and interesting, but it would be a lie.

Question 11: What song means the most to you?
I love the song We Believe by Newsboys.  it is just so powerful and meaningful. It is exclaiming to God that we believe in him and that his son died and rose for our sins. It is amazing, if you have not heard it Here is the link. I absolutely love it. I have it playing as I am writing this!;)

Now, I tag anyone who got an A on a recent test.

Here are your questions:

1)What is/was your favorite age to be?

2)What is your favorite flavor of shaved ice?

3)What is your favorite color of carpeting?

4) What is your biggest pet peeve?

5) Have you ever tore a hole in a blanket?

6) Do you like your hand writing?

7)What is your favorite childhood memory?

8) Do you like Bing or Google?

9) What do you want to be when you grow up?

10)What is your favorite social media?

11)What is your favorite electronic devise?

Thank you guys so much. I love you all. Please leave me a comment answering one of the questions I answered. Please check out my other posts. Until next post... Bye!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Art of Blowing a Bubble

Hi guys, today I am in a funny mood. So I am going to do a funny post. 

The Art of Blowing a Bubble.

Image result for bubble container
Image VIA "keyword suggestions"
There are many complex steps you will need to master in order to be successful in the bubble blowing league. So lets get started learning the basics of bubble blowing. To make you all master bubble blowers. To begin you will need a container of bubbles...
  1. Dunk your bubble wand into the container of bubble soap (make sure the center in filled with soap)
  2. Pick up your bubble wand  (a very hard step)
  3. Hold it to your mouth  (even harder)
  4. Next blow into the center gently (make sure not to blow too hard or to soft. About medium is good)
  5. Now watch your beautiful bubbles blow in the (hopefully) early summer breeze
  6. Next we all know we have that child in us that must run, chase, and pop a few bubbles;)
  7. Repeat to blow many bubbles.
Image result for big long bubble wands
Image VIA "Big bubble wand"
Here is another technique for you more advanced blowers. This technique is made for the big long wands, but will work with the normal small bubbles too. Instead of blowing you wave it!
  1. Dunk your wand into the container
  2. Pick it up and make sure it is filled
  3. Hold it into the air. 
  4. Wave it in front of you gently (but not too light about medium)
  5. Watch your big bubbles blow again (hopefully) in the early summer  breeze. 
  6. Chase and pop your bubbles
  7. Repeat these steps for more bubbles.
This is a good activity if you are babysitting! Tell me in the comments if you tried this either for a younger child or just for your inner child;)
Image result for bubble
Image VIA "Giant Bomb"
Thank you so much for reading!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Quotes

Merry Christmas!

      I love Christmas! The trees, the hot coco, the jolly spirit, the carols, the everything! I especially love Jesus! When you go deep and think about it ...Jesus sacrificed his life with his father to come down to our corrupted world as a baby, go though pain, and die the worst most painful death ever, So that we could be saved. To me, that's real love. We don't even have the ability to love like that. And I think that he deserves a holiday. So lets celebrate, and not get caught up in all the Santa, reindeer, trees, and presents. Lets remember him, the one who loves us more than we can understand. That other stuff is fun but we need to not focus on that. Jesus is the reason for the season. 
     Anyway, today's post is going to be some Christmas quotes. I love quotes so I thought this would be a cool thing to do! So let's go~

I think all of these quotes are beautiful! I love to read them and reflect on what Christmas really means. Santa, presents, and reindeer are fun but Jesus is the real reason. His birth is what we are celebrating. The lord leaving his home to come feel what we feel! Amazing, How much love. 

Anyway Merry Christmas (EVE) Darlings,
Love you!

Monday, November 28, 2016

What I got for my Birthday!

Hey guys so, some of you know me so you know that recently it was my birthday! And some of you know that it was my birthday because you read the title... Either way It was my birthday ! Man, I should be a comedian I am a crack up!  So I wanted to share what I got with you all! (I am not trying to brag in anyway) So lets go!
I am going to post them in order I got them...

  1. Maryellen's strawberry dress; 
I have wanted this for a very long time. I have been borrowing my friends since she got it and was finally able to return it because I got my own. This was from my parents. 

Image result for maryellen's strawberry dress
Image Via EBay
2. Bible pens and high liters;
My parents also got me these. I got bible pens and high liters for a bible journal class me and my mom are going to. 
Image result for pens and highlighters
Image Via 

3. Journal bible;
My parents also got me the journal bible for the class. And if you don't know, a journal bible has larger margins than a normal one so you can take notes or doodle. 
Image result for journal bible niv
Image VIA DaySpring

4. Makeup;
I actually got this first I got this the weekend before my birthday. this is from my parents. My mom took me to Sephora and got my makeup done. They showed me what I should wear and how to apply it. My mom then bought the items I needed. I got: Bare Minerals Tinted moisturizer, Clinique Brown mascara, and Tiger grass color correcting cream.
Image result for makeup
Image Via

5. Next my friend got me a box with a bunch of stuff inside;
So she got me a stuffed animal dog, a notebook with a 'p' on it, a matching pen, gold glitter hot glue, a gold compact, a picture frame with a picture of us in it, and blue and purple nail polishes. I love how she always color coordinates everything she gets me. 
Image result for cute gift box
Image Via Style Motivation

6. Michael's gift card;
This is from my other friend. She got me this because I will for sure use it! And she knows how much I love Michael's. (I already used it)
Image result for michaels gift card
Image Via GiftCardMall

7.Vogue gift card;
My other friends got my a gift card to get my nails done cause I really needed it. It was very kind of her and I enjoyed getting them done!

8. Cricut
My parents and my grandma split the cost of buying me a cricut! I have wanted one for so long and have had so much fun already with it. They got me the starter collection so I got a bunch of the materials also!

My friends from school bought me a card and some snickers. I think that was so sweet! And I love snickers!

10. Balloon+ Starbucks
My friend from school got me a balloon and a Starbucks gift card. That was really, really nice.

11. Michal's gift card+ Clothes
My grandparents got me a Michael's gift card and some clothes. I am very excited to use my gift card. And I love the top they got me.( I already used my gift card)
Image result for michaels gift card
Image Via GiftCardMall

12.Makeup Bag+eye shadow
My Aunt got me a makeup bag to hold all my makeup in. It is sparkly gold. She also got me an eye shadow stick from Sephora that I really wanted. It is pink and glittery. I love both a ton.
Image result for gold makeup bag
Image Via Tradesy

13. Card+Shopping day
My other Aunt got me a sweet card and said she would take me shopping and out to lunch. I cannot wait to go shopping with her! 

Image result for birthday cards
Image Via Birthday and Greeting Cards by Davia 

14. Pandora bracelet and charm
My aunt sent me my first Pandora bracelet! I have wanted one for ever. She got me a five strand black bracelet and a dangle charm that says "sweet niece" on it. I love it so much! 
Image result for pandora bracelet five black strand

Image Via Pintrist 

I love everything I got and a Big Big Big thank you to everyone who made my birthday as fun and special as it was! Hope you all enjoyed and have a happy thanksgiving see yall next post! 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Summer bucket list follow up!

Hey guys so today I am just going to follow up on my summer bucket list and see how many of these things I actually did! I think it will be cool to see how many I did so lets start!

1. Walk through a drive through
No! :I wanted to do this so bad!

2.Have a bonfire at the beach
No!: Ugh,I wanted to do this

3. Make a scrapbook of memories
Yes! :I recently did this and have not caught up to now but I love it so far!

4.Finish a few chapters in my novel
50/50: I did a bit but not any chapters

5.Buy a fin fun
No.: i did not expect to do this

6. Buy a wellie wisher
No! As you may know I chose Julie!

7.Make a candy topped pizza
No! But i am planning to soon!

8.Disney marathon
No, maybe soon

9.Take a friend camping

10.Do a photo shoot

11.Have a picnic

12.Tent sleepover
I tried but my parents resisted

13.Craft marathon
50/50: I sorta did this

14.Breathe in helium


16.Drive in movie

17. VBS

18. Worship team

19.Go to AMC

20. 7 11 icee

I did 6 /20! Eek 30% 
So I did terrible!
Did you guys do better than me on your bucket list? Tell me in the comments below! 
Until next time!
New Fall signature!
You Like?
Tell me in the comments!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The True Little Mermaid story

Hey guys! I have written my second story! This one started out for fun and turned into a school project. (Which forced me to finish it!) So now I type you... The true little mermaid story.




Told by Me, Ursula, the “sea witch”

Here is the beginning  of my life.
One day a beautiful, human lady went swimming. An octopus, my father, fell in love with her so he went to the shore and took her to the bottom of the sea. He used magic to make her breathe under water. They got married (more of my father forced her to marry him or else she would be punished). One day they had a baby (ME) I am a mix of a human and an octopus smashed together. My father, as I grew up, taught me magic, good and evil. One day merman King Triton called my parents to the castle because the mer-queen died, by the people looking for my mother because, she was the princess! He killed my parents and I got so mad that I was going to use all  my magic to get revenge for taking my parents. I am just going to simply return the favor. Those reporters “jazzed” it up and said I was evil and wanted the throne. I was just returning the favor and mercy the King gave me. Well that is my story of how I became”evil”. See I have a good reason to be mad. But I’m not evil just mad. Wouldn’t everyone be mad if someone killed their parents?

Image result for ursula baby

The King Triton had 7 daughters named Attina, Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Adella, Alana, and last but obviously not least Ariel. He loved all of them dearly especially  Ariel because she looked almost identical to her mother and none of his other daughters did. Ariel was the adventurer or troublemaker, She also had the most beautiful voice, and red hair but that just reminded King Triton more of  her mother. Ariel loved the shore. Her best friend was a little guppy named Flounder. The two friends explored the ocean together. They found many human treasures to store in Ariel’s grotto, but first they took them to Scuttle, the seagull to find out what they were and how humans used them. Ariel was fascinated by the human world. She loved to visit the shore and watch the humans work. She collected their lost trinkets the was amazed by what they had up there. She wished she could one day go on land. She did not understand why the human’s world was so bad even though it seemed so amazing.

King Triton banned music from atlantica forever because the queen loved music and hearing music reminded him of her. He also banned merfolk from going to the surface, he did not want to lose anyone else the way he lost his wife. All of his daughters understood how dangerous the surface was and would not go there, except Ariel, she could not understand how such a beautiful place could be so bad. King Triton tried to make Ariel realize how bad the human world was and that she was a mermaid not a human. She belongs under the sea not above it. She continually disobeyed her father and went up to the shore, it was her passion. She loved it up there! She refused to give it up, she would be cautious, but not paranoid (like her father).

The King heard stories of Ariel’s wild human world adventures and could not believe how disobedient she was! He did not understand why she did not realize that those barbarians killed her only mother! He needed to stop her, except he did not know how. He realized telling her not to go up there did not work so he needed an new plan. He called for Sabastian, a little crab, to come help him. Trition decided to have Sabastian follow Ariel and stop her from going to the surface. He did as he was told. One day while following Ariel he found her grotto. He was shocked by all the things she had collected. He reported immediately to the king to tell him all about it. Triton was furious! He swam there and destroyed her grotto completely. Ariel could not believe how her father reacted. She was heartbroken. All that hard work collecting that stuff to get destroyed.

Now here is where I come in. I sent Flotsam and Jetsam out to go swim a few errands and they overheard Ariel crying in her grotto. They went in to see what was going on. They talked to her and told her I could help her. They brought her to me by Ariel’s choice. I only wanted to help her. Now magic does come at a cost. I agreed to help her on one condition… her voice. It’s just a token or a  trifle really. She doesn’t need her voice when she has body language.

She agreed to give her voice so I did the spell, it was a simple one. She wanted legs, she was going to get legs. But you know spells don’t last forever.  So, we each signed a contract saying she has three, not two, not four, three days to get the prince to kiss her not using her voice.

I took her voice and gave her the spell. I may or may not have maybe sort of sung a song as well! It was relevant! I sung for a purpose. Besides “Poor Unfortunate Souls” is My favorite! Anyways, who cares about my little song burst.

Remember when I told you I was not evil just mad? Well, don’t think I had a change of heart, (elk). I am still furious with Triton, even though it was so long ago. I forgot Ariel was his daughter. Then after she left with legs I thought she looked familiar.So, I asked Flotsam and Jetsam and they told me she was his daughter. I decided she was my in. She was how I was going to get Trition back!  I found the contract and jazzed it up a bit. I added if she does not get kissed she not only gets her tail back, she also gets to be under my power. I will have control over Ariel. Of course I know Triton won’t let that be. I also made a new contract for Triton. When he sees her controlled by me he will sign over the kingdom and himself! Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha!

Ariel was getting to close to getting her kiss. I had to break in. Even without her voice he was still falling in love with her. (elk) They went on a boat over the lake. It was so peaceful and romantic. (eww) Ariel’s fish friends were helping her set the mood! (grrr) I sent Flotsam and Jetsam out there to ruin their little date. My plan worked, right as he leaned in for a kiss they dumped the boat! HAHA

I could tell Eric still longed for the girl with the beautiful voice who had saved his life. He was not satisfied with Ariel because she looked like the girl, but could not talk. I could tell the song Ariel had sung to him played over and over in his mind like a broken record player.

He still could not find the girl. He was starting to get satisfied with Ariel! I could not let that happen. I realized he was looking for Ariel, he found her but she had no voice which was his proof that it was her. I had her voice! I just have to give myself the spell I gave Ariel and use her voice. He will marry me and poor miss Ariel will be heartbroken. Triton will be furious when Ariel is under my control and will switch with her to let her be free. And I will rule Atlantica and Triton. Mwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

I have no idea why Ariel wants to be human so bad! There is so much you have to do. To get the attention of Eric on me, I sung with Ariel’s voice of course. He instantly came running and insisted I was the girl and that we would be married in the morning. He was falling in so fast I could not believe it! That night the maids got a dress for me.I hated dresses! (elk) I could not believe how big the castle was. I could get used to this, oh wait I don’t have to! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Now little Ariel probably didn’t know yet, so I went in her room and asked her if she liked my dress. And I explained that Eric and I were getting married in a few hours. Her eyes grew teary. She tried to tell me she could not speak but I acted as if I had no clue what she was doing. I walked away and laughed. HAHAHA

We were getting married on a cruise ship. I was down below the  deck getting ready. I was so ready to be Queen. Also this was the third day Ariel would turn back and be mine today. It was 4:45, and the wedding started at 5:00. All the attendants had boarded. We were so close. I was so ready for this.

It went awful! Ariel’s animal friends ruined my fake wedding. We were just partying on the ship. I got rid of most of those scoundrels. I hope at least. The time had come. I watched Ariel closely. The sun was setting, the day was over. It happened to each of us. First Ariel turned into her mermaid self and got her voice back. Then I did. Eric rushed to Ariel. She told him she was the one. But, she was too late, she was mine. I grabbed her and jumped into the sea. Now, that’s the way to get divorced and end a party!

I swam as fast as I could with Ariel. She did not know what I was doing. I told her and showed her the contract just as Triton showed up. I showed him the contract Ariel had signed. He knew he had no choice but to trade places with Ariel and give up the kingdom. I gave him the contract and he signed.

Finally, I was Queen. I got my revenge. I made myself huge. My revenge was not over yet. I was going to torture Ariel right infront of Triton and he can’t stop me ! She jumped up on a rock and with the Triton’s trident I zapped her. Just as her boyfriend showed up on the emptied ship. “ Oh Eric, so glad you came to join the party” I yelled. He grabbed Ariel ade put her on board. I made a huge whirlpool and swept them up. They had no choice but to jump over. Ariel helped Eric swim. They each stabbed me with ruins of the ship.

The sky was stormy. The winds blew like a tornado. We managed to go on. I got weaker each stab. I don’t know why they stabbed me. I was just returning the favor! I don’t deserve this! Finally, as you know, I was done. They won this time.

The contracts were undone and the storm stopped. I was banished to my cave forever. I did nothing wrong! I don’t understand why I was banished forever. Triton gave Ariel permanent legs unless she was visiting the ocean. Eric married Ariel and they live... Happily Ever After.

As for me though I did not have such a happy ending. I was stuck in my cave forever. I did nothing wrong though! I just wanted to get revenge on Triton for killing my parents! Okay, maybe there is a little bitterness but at least I didn’t kill him! Now I have to live apart from everyone forever. He may have won this time, but he will pay for this, someday! But for now I live...

Unhappily Ever After!

Hope you guys enjoyed! I had fun writing it! Leave me a comment telling me if I should post a post about my recent artwork! Thank you so much! See ya next post!